Scripture Sharing Students
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About Us

Scripture Sharing Students was founded by Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis under the guidance of the Almighty God in the final hours of the International 72 hour Fasting Prayer on the 25th of January, 2015 at the Inter Denominational Christ Church, Tappan, New York. The goal of Scripture Sharing Students is to gift free Bibles to students from the Kindergarten to the doctorate level, across the world. Scripture Sharing Students is designed to work on a 3 tier system with a 5 member International Presidium nominated and headed by Bro .Dr. Mathews Vergis, controlling its Global activities. Regional Presidiums will supervise activities in countries assigned to them. These presidiums, will set up Scripture Sharing Students Societies of students, managed by the students, distributing Scriptures to the students, under their guardianship. Scripture Sharing Students is responsible for organizing the collection and distribution of various forms of scriptures to different age groups of students from the lowest to the highest level of educational strata.

Scripture Sharing Students is an allied ministry of Bibles for Bibleless, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.